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JOYANCE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., was established since 1979 in design and manufacturing all series of Desktop case, Industrial 19"rack mount chassis, wall mount chassis ,keyboard drawer , sliding rail ,monitor enclosure , passive backplane , power .......etc We specialize in OEM/ODM projects with many clients,and our friendly after-sales services has won us positive response from customers around the world. For over 20 years of experience in custom-design,JOYANCE R & D production departments pay a lot of attention to the meticulous design of the internal structure as well as the extermal physical attractiveness of each cases. Care has been taken that our casers are safe from electromagnetic interference and radiation. Our cases (operating in full system) passed various international test standards such as shock test, CE certification. We fully invest our human resources staring from its design, prototype,tooling,stamping,electro-plating,painting,injection molding to its final assembly. Our integrated manufacturing capacity assures JOYANCE'S customers of our efficient control over in-coming quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes. And also we guarantee outgoing quality assurance,product reliability and prompt delivery. Facing rapid changes in the global external environment such as technology monetary factor and consumer habits..... etc. We must continue to innovate, to improve and to enhance and integrate the resources both internally and externally so as to strengthen the flexibility of the company and the competitive strength of our products. In addition, based on the excellent professional capability and experience in the field of Industrial PC. Our company will continue to contribute our effort to the information Industry.

Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd

Since the incorporation of Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1975, we have maintained our focus on research and development and the production of quality power conversion products. For the past decades, supported by cutting edge technology based upon a strong research and development team, Sea Sonic Electronics has provided timely and professional solutions to meet many of the IT industry's requirements. In the year 2000, Sea Sonic Electronics successfully entered the telecommunication and networking power conversion market. At the same time, we expanded our manufacturing facility to provide JIT global logistics service in order to meet our increased business demand. For the future, we will continue our philosophy of dedication, innovation, professionalism and 4G's (Great Technology, Great Quality, Great Service & Great Price) in order to maintain our goal of continued long-term business partnerships and create "win-win" situations for our customers.

Zippy Technology Corp.

Established in 1983, Zippy Technology Corp. was known for its micro switch technology. In the present day, Zippy has now grown into a company with professional R&D teams and high-quality manufacturing processes. Zippy Technology Corp. now is comprised of business units which specialize in micro switches, industrial high-performance power supplies, LED keyboards. With its dedication to R&D and core competences, Zippy is well-recognized among international brands. Its products are widely used in consumer electronics, IT peripherals, communication products, household appliances, medical and industrial products and automobiles. The strong work from Zippy’s R&D team has yielded over 1,200 patents worldwide. Other than its own brands, ZIPPY and EMACS, the company also provides ODM and OEM services to leading brands all over the world. Zippy has also acquired international certifications such as ISO9001, TS-16949 and QCO80000. Over the recent years, the company has been pursuing energy efficiency and environmental protection by ensuring all of its development and production processes compliant with energy efficiency and environmental standards such as ERP IEC62430 and CE standards. This is part of Zippy’s responsibility as a corporate citizen of the Earth. ZIPPY has incorporated the concept of positive thinking, absolute transparency, and cooperation into our corporate culture and daily lifestyle. As a result we have a team of responsible and honorable staffs with great ideas to cooperate under this business model. ZIPPY’s biggest asset is our staff of employees, and we service our customers with this greatest asset to create a better future and perpetuate the business. From the previous R&D orientation to the current global reach, Zippy believes this year is the beginning of another growth cycle. We will let the worldwide market to re-discover Zippy as a company with products filled with new perspectives and technologies. We will continue to brace for challenges with confidence and professional attitude, in order to address specific needs from our customers.